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                                 East Coast Thunder Hockey Club 2024-25

                                                HALF SEASON TEAMS

                                          $1600.00 (Goalie Tuition $1150.00  )   


  • 2  Pair Game Socks

  • 1  Pair Practice socks

  • 1  Practice Jersey   

  • 2  Practices per week 

  • Goaltender Clinic Weekly   

  • 12 Premier Hockey League Games                    

  • One Tournament         

TUITION PAYMENT PLAN: A tuition Payment plan is available for those not paying in full.

When a player has committed to playing for the East Coast Thunder the deposit will be applied to their tuition.

If a player has not been selected or declines a roster spot the deposit will be returned by mail in full. 

A player will have 24 hours to decide once an offer has been presented. After 24 hours the East Coast Thunder program will move on to the next candidate.

* The deposit will not be returned for ANY REASON  once the player has committed to the East Coast Thunder program.


IMPORTANT: New half season players must purchase home/away jerseys on fitting and number selection day $125.00 for the set. (Fitting day TBA ) Returning may purchase new jerseys if nessasary.  

Half Season ONLY Optional Purchases : Black Helmet,Black Gloves 10% off  Butler Sporting Goods

Thunder t-shirt and shorts,team warmup, winter hat and trucker style hat and team bag if not already owned from prior season. 


Deposit due on1st tryout date check made out to Top Shelf Hockey, 

(Player Deposit $500.00) (Goaltender Deposit $500.00)


Remaining installment plan.


May 1st     $220.00       Goaltender $130.00

June 1st    $220.00       Goaltender $130.00

July 1st     $220.00       Goaltender $130.00

Aug 1st     $220.00       Goaltender $130.00

Sept 1st    $220.00       Goaltender $130.00


Once the player has committed to the East Coast Thunder program, the deposit will not be returned for ANY REASON. 

Deposit due on 1st tryout date.

Player Deposit  $500.00 

 Goalie Deposit $500.00 

Deposit is refundable only if a player is not chosen or declines a roster spot.

All Checks Made Out To Top Shelf Hockey School


Tap PDF to view and print for  full information

ITap PDF to view and print.

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